Friday, March 9, 2012

Slice : Package Tracker Xtreme

  • Want an automated package tracker that can track your purchases by just scanning your emails? 
  • Wondered how much online shopping you have done till date?
  • Don't remember what product X cost you a few years back? 
  • Want a system to manage and view your online order receipts?
  • Want to be notified when the price drops for one of your purchases?
  • Want to be notified when a product gets delivered at your door step?
  • Want to see your product on its way in a Map view?
If you answered 'Yes' for at least one of the above, go get an app called Slice from the iTunes Store/Android market. 

Once you setup Slice to scan your email (only Gmail and Yahoo Mail is supported currently) it will automagically scan and find all your online order receipts and neatly display them in a summary view which tells you a total count of purchases and dollar total. From there you can easily drill into all orders, open orders, on the way and more. From there on wards, any new digital order receipt on its way to your email will be added to Slice and you can forget about manual package tracking forever.

Slice has taken over my number 1 package tracking software till date - Delivery Status, but I guess I will still use Delivery status because it can still send me notifications to my Mac desktop. So don't wait anymore...Go get Slice >>>   iTunes Store   Google Play [previously Android Market] 

PS: This is a secret tip for the more curious. Slice also has a website at
If you login to your account (you could skip account creation if you used oauth using Google of Facebook) you can manage more properties of your account, filter by stores, unsubscribe from newsletter and do a lot more. Also if you think Slice missed one of your email order receipts due to a non supported vendor or some other reason, you could forward your emails to and Slice will take care of it.  

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