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What all apps do you have?

Well....these are what I have... :)

The list is dynamic and when newer and better apps arrive some of these get replaced by me. But I will come back and update this list once a while so don't forget to check back later. Do leave if a comment if you have any interesting or useful app I have not listed down here.

Let me also warn you - I have gazillions of apps. I am a app junkie/evangelist and so many of my apps may not interest you. Also having so many apps does not mean that I use them day to day. They stay in my repository either for evaluation or because I am undecided whether to keep them or not. It is up to you to decide and discern if you need it or not. A one liner about each is provided for convenience but I am not mentioning the price so that you can go and have a look and decide if it worth purchase or not. Most are free so you don't have to worry :). I am also categorizing apps based on how I have arranged them in folders. It may not be the app store category but how I have done categorizing based on my use. I hope it helps

in forming your own folders.

Apple - Stock apps from Apple

  • Find my iPhone - Locate or notify lost/misplaced iDevices and Mac using this tool
  • Reminders - Key in reminders and get notified without fail.
  • Notes - Take notes and sync them to iCloud. 
  • Find Friends - Find your friends in real time maps and Get directions 
  • Contacts - Sync to iCloud/Google and have all your contacts in one place
  • iTunes - Find new and popular music from Apple's own store
  • Cards - Send Snail mail post cards the older way, after designing it here. The advantage - you only have to design. Apple does the dirty work of creating, stamping and mailing for you. 
  • Airport Utility - Again from Apple, lets you scan your Wifi and configure you Airport extreme/express devices as well as gives a lot of info about the network.
  • Game Center - Track your progress amongst games, find friends and play against them
  • Stocks - Not some thing I use, but I know this will be a stock brokers primary app. 
Books Apps - Apps to read books/comics
  • Kindle - Book reader from Amazon (free & paid books available)
  • iBooks - Apple's stock boom reader  (free & paid books available)
  • Google Books - Google's version of book store  (free & paid books available)
  • Stanza - A really good book reader app with sources such as Project Gutenberg.
  • GoodReader - Carry your books, PDF's and docs anywhere using this 
  • Marvel - Comics from Marvel
  • DC Comics - Another good comic reader
  • Comics by comiXology - Has several sources; marvel, dc and more.
Browser Apps - Different browsers I like with niche capabilities
  • Dolphin - Gesture based navigation, Tabs, Download manager and a lot more
  • Opera Mini - Tabs, Speed dial, Sharing and more
  • 360 Browser - Gestures, Plugins, Firefox sync, Tabs and more 
  • Atomic Web - Tabs, User agent simulation, Downloads and more.
Camera Apps - Apps that take pictures and allow basic editing
  • Stock Camera App that comes with iOS
  • Camera+ - The best camera app I have came across yet with lot of controls and editing
  • GifVid - Make animated Gif Images using short video capture
  • Instagram - One of the best sharing and vintage editing tools
  • Photosynth - Build 360 degree panoramas
  • WEcam - Photobooth looks, effects 
Chat Apps - Keep in touch with friends
  • Facetime - Video chat client from Apple
  • iMessage - Messaging client from Apple
  • eBuddy/eBuddy Pro - Messenger client; Connects to multiple services simultaneously (GTalk, Facebook, Yahoo, MSN, ICQ etc)
  • Facebook Messenger - chat with your Facebook friends
  • Skype - The best multi platform video chat client
  • Google Voice - Call/Text/Voicemail from Google
  • Yahoo Messenger - Trusty ol' video/chat client
  • Tango - A newer kid of the breed. Lets you video chat multi platform.
Connectivity Apps - Apps that help to connect virtually
  • iTeleport Connect - If you want to remotely control your PC/Mac, this is a really good app which uses Google Authentication. Once setup remote login is a breeze.
  • TeamViewer - Another app I use mostly to remote login to my dad/sister's PC and fix stuff. Also can be used to troubleshoot any user who has Teamviewer app installed on their PC/Mac by letting you know the randomly generated authorization code
  • Citrix - Remote login to office desktop
  • Roku - Control your Roku device and use this as an extended remote
  • Remote - This one is from Apple and can be used to control iTunes using a wifi network. 
  • Webex - Join Webex meetings and join remote presentations
  • GoToMeeting - Similar to Webex above
  • Bump - Transfer contacts info, pictures, files, links to Music and Apps, calendar events, Social network info etc just by bumping your devices together  
  • Sony MediaRemote - If you have a Sony blu-ray player, TV or home theater, this app can control them (newer models)
  • Tune.Remote - Remote control another iDevice running same app to play songs of your like.
Data Storage Apps - Online storage services 
  • Dropbox - The best online sync and storage app available out there. Thousands of apps out there have the facility to sync to Dropbox and there are clients for Windows and Mac, which brings your data to the tip of your fingers. 2 GB free and upgradeable. 
  • Pogoplug - A new comer in this field but with a twist - in addition to the free storage they provide, you could buy a device they offer which converts your external hard disks into cloud servers giving you access to Gigabytes and Terabytes of data
  • - Storage/Sync service which can automatically upload photos from your camera roll to the cloud as well as provide a cool 5 GB of free storage [upgradeable].
  • Microsoft SkyDrive - This one is from the big guys at Redmond and offers 25GB free.
Entertainment Apps - Enjoy you free time playing around these
  • Talking Tom - Entertain the kids using this funny accented cat which repeats everything you say in its accent and does some funny tricks.
  • Epic Citadel - You need at least an A4 processor to get this running fluidly. Roam around an ancient and fantasy land of Infinity blade. The graphics are jaw dropping. 
  • HoloToy - Get your share of 3D with Holotoy. It comprises of a few 3D games and Effects. No glasses required.
  • OuttaMyWay - Love the Cop cars? Then get this one at least as the cars they use will never get in your hands unless you are a cop. Jokes apart, create fancy lights which matches what they use and make the same noises as in a car chase/emergency. 
  • Talking News - Tom the cat is back with his buddy Talking Ben. Whatever you say, these two guys will repeat in their own style. Also make them fight, make pranks at each other and play news recorded by others. 
  • FluidFX - Play around making some awesome fluid transitions like you see in movies to any background picture. Let the Hollywood studios cower in fear.
Finance Apps - Plan and manage finances
  • - The best portfolio management app/site out there which can link to all your financial institutions like banks, credit cards etc and give you an overall picture of your finances, lets you create budgets as well as brings you a plethora of graphs to explore trends. 
  • Paypal - Manage money style with Paypal. Its secure and helps you send or receive money, drop checks without going to the bank and do a lot of other finance management. 
  • CardStar - This one is for saving all the store cards you have. Just have the app scan your store card bar code, and this will save it in a bar code or numeric format for you so the next time you get somewhere like Fred Mayer or Library, just flash out the virtual card in your app and have it scanned. Easy as that!
  • Square - This one helps you if you are in the market selling either products or services. Square sends you a free credit card reader dongle which you can attach to your iDevice's music port and collect money for your services. 
  • BofA - This app will be useful to manage your account with Bank of America to check balances, transfer money and more.
Health Apps - manage your health, insurance and services
  • Walgreens - Create a free Walgreens account from this app and it lets you refill your prescriptions, get medical advice and a lot more.
  • Aetna - If your health insurance is with Aetna in the US, this app lets you view and manage your account, get medicine costs and more.
  • iTriage - Get information on symptoms, doctors, facilities, diseases, medications and a lot more using this pocket Doctor.
Instrument Apps - Apps that make music or help managing music
  • djay - Be the local DJ. One of the best DJing apps out there. With a feature set which matches professional DJ-ing software, this is the go to app if you are into this.  
  • Tap DJ - Another DJ app with lot of vocal effects you can push in during play
  • Bebot - This one is a funny creature making sounds of Organs and a lot other techno instruments. Fun to play around. 
  • PocketGuitar - The guitar in your pocket. Amazing effects and reverbs.  
  • Zoozbeat - Make sound effects, loop them and save for later
  • Virtuoso Piano - This one for the piano junkies. Awesome replica of a live piano.
Movie Apps - Apps related to movies, video playback and TV
  • iMovie - iMovie by Apple lets you create awesome videos, edit and add effects and upload to several service like Youtube, Facebook, camera roll etc. 
  • Videos - Stock video player app in iOS. 
  • Youtube - Stock YouTube player.
  • Netflix - Stream movies, manage your instant queue and search for new movies. 
  • Trailers - This app from Apple lets you stream new trailers, view schedules, theater info, calendar of release and more.
  • Flixster - Stream trailers, see ratings from rotten tomatoes, view theater info and more.
  • IMDb - View trailers, cast, movie info and more from IMBb.
  • Fandango - Buy tickets, view reviews, see ratings, theater info, rate movies and more.
  • VLC - Another alternative player for iOS which can play more video formats than the stock player.
  • Vevo - Music videos from
  • HBO - View Schedules, watch trailers, get access to HBO Go and more.
  • YuppTV
Music Apps - Apps related to music, managing music and radio
  • Binaural Beat - Hear soothing voices in immersion 3D. Helps you concentrate, relax or focus based on the soundtrack being played. You could even create custom pleasing sounds. 
  • MyTunes - This one is from SRS labs, world leaders in audio technologies. MyTunes is basically a music player app which you can substitute for the stock music player app with heavy audio effects and synthesis. This has actually replaced the stock music player for me. 
  • amp - Dynamic queueing, transitions and some effects.
  • TuneIn Radio - The best radio application out there which can tune into local radio stations via Internet stations. Has around 40,000+ radio stations in its arsenal so you will definitely find your local station here. 
  • Pandora - Pandora is famed than most other radio stations because of the customizations you can make and the channels/filters you can create.  
  • iHeart Radio - Like TuneIn radio above, your gateway to a lot of local and international radio stations. 
  • RangDe - Indian radio stations app.
  • Desi Beat - Indian radio stations app.
  • Desi Radio - Indian radio stations app.
  • Savn - Indian radio stations app.
  • - Famous, lots of channels and customizations and availability of all new songs.
News/Magazine Apps - Read the latest headlines
  • Flipboard - The really good feed reader for the iPad, this is one application which is intuitive as well as the leader when it comes to content aggregation. Easy to browse and fun to read. 
  • Reeder - The 'Best' RSS reader out there. If you are using Google reader, this is the best front end to it in an iOS device. The usability and innovation of this needs more praise than what is described here.
  • Instapaper - Save articles for offline reading
  • Pulse News - Really good graphical feed reader with default feeds and configurability
  • Zinio - A magazine rack for you to get digital issues of all latest magazines
  • BBC News - iOS app of the famous news channel
  • Google Currents - The newest player in content aggregation and from Google, this one brings down content for offline reading.
  • Flud News - Another promising content aggregator. This one aggregates and displays based on topic so it is easier to manage.
  • Zite - Acclaimed content aggregator Zite also is one of the best in the breed with autolearning and more.
Photo Apps - Apps to edit and enhance photos
  • Snapseed - A lot of effects, localized healing and more. The defacto photo editing and tweaking app. 
  • SketchBook - If you are into drawing, editing photos and want precision editing with a multitude of tools, pencils and brushes, this one is for you.
  • Photoshop Express - Simple and quick levels, brightness adjustment and more.
  • Best Camera - An awesome array of filters to suit any occasion.
  • ColorCanvas - If black and white photos with a tinge of color or smart colored areas are your favorite, this is your go to app.
  • My Sketch - Convert your photos into pencil sketches
  • Juxtaposer - Overlay images and erase or un-erase to bring features you like. Good one to overlay two faces and play around.
  • Morph123Lite - Morph one image to another in this classic morph app. 
  • Squeeze it  - Squeeze and distort images to your will
Productivity Apps - Be a master of efficiency
  • Evernote - Note taking app par excellence. Syncs to web and has a desktop app too. My ultimate note taker for anything and everything. Please see my complete end to end article on Evernote here!.  
  • ToDo - This app from Appigo is my "Go to" app for reminders. I have the 'absent minded professor' syndrome :) and so any reminder to get stuff done helps. Jokes apart, with iCloud syncing and a gazillion features, this will be an app you wont forget. 
  • Writepad - Convert your hand written texts to digital notes with this app. It will convert written english into typed using some magnificent OCR capabilities and also syncs back to Evernote.
  • Numbers - This app from Apple is almost a replacement for Microsoft Excel if you can get away with some limitations it has. Documents sync to cloud and are available everywhere. I would call it the pocket Excel :)
  • Voice memos - If you are the Auditory kind of note taker, then this app from Apple is for you. Record hour long voice memos for your perusal later. 
  • Dragon Dictation - Dictate in voice and copy the transcribed text anywhere in the system.
  • Mindjet - This app is for the visual people. A mind mapping tool in which you can plot out ideas logically.
  • JotNot Pro - Scan your documents into PDF/Evernote accounts using the build in camera. Has excellent OCR capabilities
  • Zendre - Set targets and increment/track them using this tracking tool.
Reference Apps - Apps for reference
  • Dictionary - A classic dictionary app with offline dictionary access.
  • Wikipedia - Access wikipedia in this miniature wiki app. 
  • HSW - If you are the curios kind, this app helps you find the background workings of different stuff.
  • CoolFacts - A fun facts app to kill some free time.
  • Nikon L&E - Even if you don't have a Nikon Camera, it is good to have this app as it teaches you photography basics and acts as a quick reference.  
  • WTFact - Another fun facts app to kill some free time.
Social Apps - Stay up to date with social networks 
  • Facebook - The best social networking client from the best network :)
  • Google+ - Rising star among social networks. Has the capability called Huddle by which you can video chat up to 10 participants at a time. 
  • Twitter - Client for Twitter, by Twitter. Very well designed. 
  • LinkedIn - Business social networks from LinkedIn
  • Forsquare - Location based social networking and deal finder
  • Latitude - Location based social network, friend finder
  • Google - An all in one tool, with voice search, image search via google goggles and quick access to google's apps. Worthy of the dock. What I like most is the goggles, by which you can use the inbuilt camera and take a picture of anything and it will search of similar images, color, products, as well as do OCR search for you.
  • Translate - Google translate engine at your finger tips
  • Flickr - Image sharing app from Flickr
  • Gmail - Gmail official client. If you like features like Priority inbox, starring, labelling etc of Gmail web interface, and miss it in the default iOS mail client, this app is for you.
Store Apps - Online market place apps 
  • App Store - Apple's market place to get new apps and updates and more.
  • Living Social - Deals from
  • Groupon - Deals from
  • Amazon - Amazon shopper, market place
  • Google Shopper - Search by scan, speech and more in google shopping and get daily offers.
  • Red Laser -  Scan barcodes and search the price in several shops at one time.
  • Apple Store - Get your Apple hardware/software/genius bar appointments and even make purchases using this app. 
  • Saveology - Deals from
System Apps - Apps that display system, network speed
  • System - Display a lot details about your iDevice. Background tasks, System memory usage, CPU usage and more. 
  • Speed Test - If you ever want to test the speed of Wifi/3G connections for upstream and downstream speeds, you nee this app.
Travel Apps - Apps that help you in planning/during travel
  • TripIt - Plan your trip in detail, save itineraries, Save flight details, view gate info, get flight delay info and more with this travel planner. Also syncs to
  • TripDeck - Similar to TripIt above, can be upgraded to do a lot more. 
  • HotelPal - Locate and get reviews and pricing on hotels in any part of US. Features maps and sorting by distance, price and more.
  • GateGuru - Track flights, view airport maps and more.
  • Weather - Default weather app with iOS.
  • Maps - Default maps app in iOS.
  • TWC - More detailed weather tracking with layers and more. 
  • Goby - Find interesting places and stuff to do locally or around places.
  • Places - Google places helps you locate restaurants, bars, ATM's, Gas stations and more as well as rate them. 
  • MapQuest - An alternate to Google Maps. Easily find amenities like Hotels, Shopping centers, Coffee, Parking, Banks, Rest Areas and more while you are travelling. 
  • Google Earth - Zoom into a Hi-def earth using this. 
  • Yelp - An App to access faster.
  • Taxi Magic - Book Taxi services, Locate a driver nearby and locate the cab coming for you easily in participating cities and services. 
  • Truck Stops USA - Locate stops, rest areas, weighing stations and more.
Utility Apps - Apps that help you getting stuff done
  • Deliveries - Track deliveries with interactive Maps and push alerts using this beautifully designed delivery tracker.
  • Prey - If ever your device gets lost, Prey helps you to track it down, take photos of the thief and more. 
  • AppBox Pro - 100+ tools stuffed into this single tool
  • Sleep Cycle - Analyze and organize your sleep pattern and wake up refreshingly everyday using this app.
  • Dual Level - A classic two way bubble level. Find levels using your iDevice.
  • Word Lens - Convert info boards, pictures of language and more on the fly from one language to another on the fly. Useful when travelling to foreign land. 
  • Fake A Call - Fake a call helps you to fake it, as it suggests if you have to get out of not so important meetings/discussions pretending you got a call.

In addition to all the above, there are some apps that I have which stay out of folders and on my home screen/dock for quick access. Here are those.

Apps on HomeScreen - Apps used most often
  • Clock - Stock clock app from Apple. 
  • Calendar - Stock calendar app from Apple.
  • Calculator - Stock Calculator app from Apple.
  • SoundHound - A music reverse search engine par excellence. Let it hear a clip of music or hum to it and it finds the music played in couple of seconds. Most useful when you hear that new hip track that you want to find. 
  • Dragon Go! - A speech synthesized search app that lets your search several places [Google, Wikipedia, Fandango, Youtube etc] in one shot.
Apps on Dock - Apps available on all home screens for quick access
  • Mail - Stock mail client from Apple. 
  • Safari  - Stock web browser from Apple.  
  • Music - Stock music player from Apple.
  • Settings - Manage your device settings from here. 

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