Thursday, October 6, 2011

Blackest Night...

Steve Jobs was more than a revolutionary innovator. He was the driving force who brought back Apple computers back from the ruins. Without Steve, I can only imagine where Apple would have been the present day. 

I came to know of Steve really late. It might be in the late 2000'ds time frame that I came to know his name. Then he was just the CEO of Apple for me, like many other CEO's. Apple computers meant high end for me and Windows was my playground. But the first iPod I purchased out of curiosity changed it all. The innovation, the technology, the user friendliness....All that from a small music player i never expected from...My Story with Apple began there...My Macbook pro, iPad and other iDevices bonded this devotion like rock. That is when I had a second look at the man who started it all. A great visionary, leader and change maker. Several of his iQuotes moved me just like it did the rest of the world. The radical change he brought to the Apple line of products revolutionized the whole industry and gave way to the rise of several new ideas and products. For jobs, perfect was not perfect. Every nook and cranny had to be perfect for the product to be perfect. His detail for perfection was well known and respected too. 

Here's my ode to the crazy one....

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